5 Most Unique Bars in East Nashville

If you’re looking for the perfect cocktail and immaculate energy, look no further; East Nashville has you covered. Naturally, Broadway is the place to be for Bachelorette’s and Bachelor’s alike, but if you want to paint the town red like a real local, East Nashville is the spot. At The Gallatin, we pride ourselves in being the furthest thing from basic, and for this reason, we wanted to compile a list of bars that are unique just like us. We dare you to find one bar on this list that isn’t completely Instagrammable.



Taking after the top shelf bar in New York City of the same name, Attaboy is a no menu cocktail bar that will give you an experience like no other. Located in a discrete building tucked behind the hustle and bustle of the East Nashville drag, Attaboy delivers an immersive affair unlike any other bar in Nashville. Just knock on the door and wait for a host to guide you to your table; once you’re seated a staff member will ask you a number of questions in order to get your vibe and craft you the perfect cocktail.


The Fox Bar and Cocktail Club

We simply cannot give you a list of unique bars in East Nashville without mentioning the notable Fox Bar and Cocktail Club. Located just 3 minutes down the road on Gallatin Pike, The Fox is known for its stylish space and modern cocktail creations. Featured as one of Food and Wine’s best 10 U.S. bars, The Fox works to maintain an elevated cocktail experience while creating an inviting atmosphere. Be sure to make a reservation, as this is an experience you don’t want to miss.



Pearl Diver

A combination of a tiki bar and a classy cocktail spot, Pearl Diver offers its customers a contemporary oasis in what may be the most Instagrammable bar on this list. With its unique palm trees, aesthetic bar, and hanging pineapple lamps, locals and tourists alike are sure to leave Pearl Diver feeling enchanted. The place screams retro pool club without the pool which is a vibe we can totally get behind. If you love Cuban-themed cocktails, and a laid back atmosphere to drift off with friends; this is the bar for you.


Tiger Bar

From the team behind Pearl Diver comes a new neo-noir cocktail bar that is sure to be the next best thing in East Nashville. Set to open in Fall 2023, Tiger Bar is a 1930’s sideshow inspired gin joint that features some of the finest small plates and cocktails that Nashville has to offer. Zoltar, sword swallowers, and bears “oh my”, the crew at Tiger Bar is making all of our circus dreams a reality and we are here for it.


Martha My Dear

This new bar located just across the street from The Gallatin is just about the best neighbor we could ask for. Martha My Dear is a cocktail and wine bar with a full happy hour seven days a week from 5-7pm. With Martha My Dear being inspired by the 1969 Beatles tune, and the bar being purchased and operated by Belmont University alums, this unique spot is the epitome of a local bar in Music City. We promise you won’t be disappointed by this hidden gem’s speakeasy vibes and affordable cocktails.

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