Here is the Travel guide you have all been waiting for. Everything you need to have the best trip to Nashville. I love Music city more than any other city in the United States. If Nashville was in Texas it would be an even better state. But it’s not and Nashville has my heart so I am about to become a Tennessee gal.

There is so much to do in Nashville, Tennessee so let’s start with where to stay, then I will list out my favorite restaurants and bars and then activities to do while you are in the city!


Restaurants on Broadway and Downtown Nashville:

  1. CASA ROSA: Located on the second floor of Miranda Lambert’s Bar. It is Mexican Food and is amazing. They have really margaritas as well. Then after lunch or dinner, you can head upstairs to her rooftop and enjoy some live music. You can head over to my TikTok: @thetravelingtrendsetter to see the decor and what I ordered and a little more about one of my favorite spots.
  2. Twelve Thirty Club: Justin Timberlake’s restaurant, bar, and rooftop. It is a good scene and good food. Located right at the end of broadway. It is near the new assembly hall food court and across from their hockey stadium. It is American food. We ate there for brunch upstairs on the rooftop on one of my trips this summer.
  3. JWB Grill: Located inside the Margaritaville Hotel in Downtown Nashville. I had the steak fries and it was very good. Their spinach dip and shrimp appetizer was great. They have a patio and dining room. They also host a radio station talk show happy hour for Sirius XM radio a few days a week and have specials.
  4. Hampton Social: Located Downtown at the very end of broadway take a right it’s on the river. They have the Rose All Day wall/ swing and the rose wall. Downtown stairs is a lounge area great for happy hour. The middle floor is a restaurant and then a rooftop upstairs that is open on the weekends.
  5. White Limozeen: Located at the top of The Graduate Hotel. I was honestly not impressed with the food or the menu. It is great for a photo op but they have an open bar and the patio is open sitting so I would recommend going for a drink but not dinner.
  6. Liberty Common

Restaurants, Sweets & Coffee shops in 12 South:

  1. Edley’s BBQ: I eat here every trip. You order at the corner and it’s good for lunch and prices are reasonable and it’s great BBQ. There is also a location in East Nashville.
  2. Bar Taco – Super fresh tacos and other items. Happy Hour and a great patio at the center of 12 South.
  3. Christie Cookie Co. – The best cookies
  4. Five Daughters Bakery – This is a famous bakery out of Nashville. They have some cute photo ops and good donuts.
  5. Frothy Monkey – Coffee shop, happy hour, and great cheese boards.

Restaurants in the Gulch:

  1. Milk & Honey
  2. L.A. Jackson
  3. Biscuit Love
  4. Burger Republic

Stuff to Do:

  1. BROADWAY: There is so much to do in the city besides Broadway. If you are headed to broadway you do need to check out a few must stop places. First Tootsies, it is a famous staple bar that Nashville is known for. It’s purple and you need to at least walk in to see a little bit of the history of Nashville. A few others are The stage, Honky Tonk Central and Nudies. It is a given I am obsessed with queen Miranda Lambert’s bar Casa Rosa. A couple more of my personal favorites are Jason Aldean’s rooftop during the day and Kid Rock or Dierks Bentley’s Whiskey Row at night.
  2. Grand Ole Opry
  3. Johnny Cash Museum
  4. Country Music Hall of Fame
  5. Music Row
  6. Ryman Auditorium
  7. 12 South – Shopping including Stoney Clover, Reese Witherspoon’s store Draper James, Finnley’s, and more.
  8. The Gulch – Shopping including Jessie Decker’s store Kittenish and Kristin Cavallari’s store Uncommon James
  9. The hockey stadium is home of the Nashville Predators and is located downtown
  10. Nissan Stadium is right on the end of Broadway over the river
  11. Pinewood Social
  12. The Listening Room
  13. Renting a boat, kayaks, etc. on the water – fun daytime activity away from the partying and drinking.
    There are tours you can do around the city including sightseeing, drinking tours, pub crawls, exploring the history, and things like Belmont Plantation. Also, Vanderbilt and Belmont University are located in the heart of Nashville. is a great place to find a lot of these packages and tours the city offers.

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