Our Giving Back Partners

We had an out-there idea when we started The Gallatin: give the majority of the profits to local causes. So you can rest easy knowing that choosing The Gallatin means choosing to support the Nashville community. Sound crazy? Maybe. But it shouldn’t, should it?


Meet our local partners:

  • People Loving Nashville
    ‘​We bring relief, community, connection & restoration. Inspired by the love and words of Jesus, we go to where the most vulnerable of Nashville can be found to create a place for relief, cultivate a healthy community, bring education, development, and restoration, as well as provide an uncomplicated connection to solutions both immediate and long-term. Our outreaches are built on four pillars: Relief, Community, Connection, & Restoration.”
    ***Find outreaches/projects to volunteer here.
  • Shower Up
    ShowerUp: Mobile Showers And Personal Care
    ShowerUp serves those experiencing homelessness and anyone in need by providing mobile showers, hygiene resources, and personal care. It’s our goal to Shower Grace, Hope, and Love with everyone. ShowerUp is a non-profit organization.
    ***Find volunteer options here.

  • Nashville Rescue Mission 
    Nashville Rescue Mission is a Christ-centered community committed to helping the hungry, homeless, and hurting by providing programs and services that focus on a person’s entire life-physical, mental, spiritual, emotional, and social. They are devoted to restoring the whole person through a Christian approach that helps the homeless and addicted learn how much God loves them and gain the biblical insight they need to lead a productive life in and for Christ.
    ***Find volunteer options here.

  • Room in The Inn
    “We believe #ThePowerOfOne. One warm meal, one kind word, and one encouraging smile can change our world. Click the link to read about our Friends from Friends Life Community who create a place of hospitality and welcome for their neighbors each week.”
    ***Find volunteer options here.

  • Maple Built
    Maple built is a semester-long woodworking apprenticeship that employs, trains, and mentors young men in Nashville, Tennessee. Brothers Schuyler and Will Anderson started Maple Built to answer the question, “How can I be a good Neighbor?”Once operating out of an abandoned loading dock with rusty tools, Maple Built is blessed to now have a full-scale woodworking shop and showroom located at 1003 Buchanan St. in north Nashville. The Anderson brothers first started Salemtown Board Co. in 2012 to accomplish the same mission but quickly realized that the need was larger than what a small skateboard company could provide. Thus, Maple Built was established in 2016.
    ***Donate options here.

  • Nashville Young Lives
    Nashville YoungLives is Young Life’s local ministry for teen moms. We engage in relationships with pregnant and parenting teens and their babies by entering their world, displaying the unconditional love of Christ, and calling them into their role as women and mothers who have been deeply purposed by God.
    ***Find volunteer options here.