See Inside Nashville Church Converted Into Unique Hotel

I have been visiting Nashville for more than 30 years. We are so fortunate to have such a fun, vibrant metropolitan area just a couple of hours away.

Even if you’ve been a million times, it’s never a bad idea to check out what’s new in Music City before going; it’s growing so fast, there’s ALWAYS something.

Take East Nashville, for example. I love this amazing section of the city. The homes are unique, in that there’s no cookie-cutter row of houses in any of the neighborhoods. And the bars, restaurants, and retail establishments separate themselves from the rest of Nashville.

Well, now there’s a luxury hotel in East Nashville that was once a church. It’s called¬†The Gallatin¬†and it is amazing.

But don’t take my word for it. See for yourself…and, yes, I’m taking you to church

Nashville has been on a never-ending journey to make itself more attractive to tourists for as long as any of us can remember. And East Nashville has fast become a boutique destination for travelers. So a beautiful and luxurious boutique hotel fits in perfectly.

The Gallatin Hotel

Hey there’s our room! Wait a minute, that also used to be my Sunday School classroom.

The Gallatin Hotel Deluxe King 219

This beautiful second-story room will have you excusing yourself while you kiss the sky. I mean with Jimi Hendrix watching over, it would almost seem inevitable.

The Gallatin Hotel Deluxe King 320

I don’t know what captures my attention more quickly–the fixtures, the furniture, or the colors.

The Gallatin Hotel Standard King 217

Ironic that this gorgeous room is a KING and it features the QUEEN of Country Music watching over.

The Gallatin Hotel Standard King

The Gallatin Hotel does not have an elevator for guest use, so these upper level rooms will need to be accessed via the stairs. Oh, and it looks like the Man in Black is now the Man in Blue.

The Gallatin Hotel Bunk Room 317

The bunk rooms are a blast and all about maximizing space at the Gallatin. I kind of think they could also be a shot of sleep-over nostalgia.

The Gallatin Hotel Double Bunk Suite

You know, in case ONE bunk bed isn’t enough. Oh and, by the way, all the illustrations you’ve been seeing–of Dolly, Johnny, Jimi, and these prints–were all done by local artists. Naturally.

The Gallatin Hotel Bunk Beds

How unique. How much fun! I don’t think I’ve ever known of another hotel or motel that featured bunk beds…or purple refrigerators, for that matter.

The Gallatin Hotel Economy King

The Gallatin Hotel understands budgetary concerns AND the desire to still enjoy a “boutique” experience. This room rolls it all into one.


The Gallatin Hotel Economy Room

Sometimes you’re travelling alone but you still want something really cool. Plus, if you’re not planning to spend a ton of time in your room (and it IS Nashville, so…)…

The Gallatin Hotel’s Flying Colors

The colorful showers match the colors of the rooms. I love the aesthetics of this hotel.

A Valentine from the Gallatin Hotel

Don’t you just LOVE taking a shower? You’ll practically have no choice at the Gallatin Hotel.

A Bath by the Window

First of all, this room is not on the ground floor. Second of all, I love the mystique of the red curtain. I know that it’s a picture window on the other side, but that doesn’t diminish the effect.

The Gallatin Hotel Retro Fixtures

I’ve been in more hotels than I can remember that feature a tiny box fridge that looks more suited to a dorm room. I LOVE these retro refrigerators.

The Gallatin Hotel Loves Local

Next to the Keurig coffee maker, guests will discover a basket of select local snacks. And Dolly, of course.

The Gallatin Hotel’s Cleverness

We all know what the standard single chair in a hotel room usually looks like. The Gallatin Hotel went out and loaded up on some cool retro furniture. That sort of thing is right up my alley and I felt it needed a shout-out.

The Gallatin Hotel Lobby

“Hey, listen, I’m gonna go hang out in the lobby.”
“Really? Why?”
“Uh…have you SEEN the lobby?!?”

The Gallatin Hotel Lawn

The bright vibrant colors you’ll find on the INSIDE are replicated on the OUTSIDE. Bring a book and some sunscreen.

The Gallatin Hotel Welcomes You

The Gallatin Hotel reminds me of my grandmother; she never met a stranger. Only friends.

The Gallatin Hotel Entrance

When I was a kid and we’d have “lock-ins” at church–events where you’d pick a room and plant your sleeping bag–I always wondered what it would look like if you CONVERTED a church into a hotel. And now I know.