Where to Stay in Nashville: The Gallatin Hotel

The flowers aren’t the only thing to look forward to this spring. The owners who brought you the Russell and 506 Lofts in Nashville are now bringing you the Gallatin Hotel

Located in East Nashville, this colorful and eccentric hotel welcomes you with open arms on its grand opening this month. If you’re looking for where to stay in Nashville with the gals or with the babe, you are in for a fun one at the Gallatin. Keep on reading to find out what makes it so special.

Tucked Away in East Nashville

East Nashville is just 10 minutes away from downtown Nashville by car, and it is such an artsy part of town. When you’re on this side of town, you’ll notice all the art that’s all over the walls of its buildings, the fun dive bars that locals like to hang out at, and great restaurants that will leave your tummy feeling super happy.

Think of it this way:

Venice is to Los Angeles as East Nashville is to Nashville.

The Gallatin matches East Nashville’s vibe perfectly with its colorful, eccentric vibe. With vibrant archways leading you to the lobby, colorful seating at the courtyard, and light touches of the rainbow throughout the building, you will definitely not miss it when you’re driving around town.


Why You Should Stay at the Gallatin Hotel

The owners of the Gallatin, the Russell, and 506 lofts are dedicated to giving back to the Nashville community. By booking a stay here or at any one of their locations, you are essentially helping the Nashville community grow stronger and helping someone in need. Booking a stay guarantees that someone will be provided a warm meal, bed, and shower.

I love what the Gallatin and its sister properties stand for. It is such a huge change to see in the hotel industry and a great one at that.



Color, color, and more color!

You will find that on every floor, every lounge area, and every room, there is a different theme of color. I had the pleasure of staying on the third floor in a vibrant blue room! I love that every room has its own flair that caters to different parties. If you’re a solo traveler, you’ll love staying at a their standard king room (which is where I stayed) or inside their cozies, which is a smaller room. If you have a couple of your friends with you, you’ll enjoy the bunk rooms or bunk suites. Perfect for adult sleepovers! If you’re bringing your significant other, you can indulge in their suites, which features a giant bathtub, a king bed, and a giant shower. You’ll also get lots of space!

Perfect for Just About Anyone

With the variety of rooms, the brewery (coming soon), and the prime location, you are in for a great time. If you’re visiting Nashville and you don’t have a car, don’t fret. The Gallatin + its sister properties are partnered with Earth Rides Share, a female-owned rideshare company whose fleet only consists of Teslas! You’ll get to where you need to be in no time, while saving gas emissions.


Final Rundown

This is the best property to stay at if you’re looking for a good time with some of your close friends, or with your significant other, or even just by yourself. You will have a memorable time during your stay there, I can guarantee it.

Ready to visit Nashville?